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Use this page to research the career coaching information that you are looking for. Hopefully you've already read my section on types of coaching and career coaching in particular.

The links that you will find on this page are in no particular order, all I know is that as I've trawled the internet to build this section that these were the sites that caught my eye as particularly giving quality content.

Choosing your next career move is a delicate subject. Not only do you have to balance the practicalities of being able to earn a wage upon which you can survive and support your family, you also want to ensure that your next job is going to enhance your prospects and ultimately will be something that you enjoy.

Career coaching will help you explore your values, goals and much more to help you find the right future direction.

Career Test & Career Counseling - Our Career Test will change your life. Its fast, accurate and the results are guaranteed. If you need quick career or job change advice try our Career Counseling service.

Further Reading:

Career Coaching: An Insider's Guide - Second Edition - Marcia Bench

Brilliant Cv: What Employers Want to See & How to Say It - James Bright, Bertrams Publishing

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