9 Tips for Creating A Powerful Vision

Here are my top 9 tips for creating a powerful vision:

  1. Find a quiet and relaxing place free from distractions and allow yourself at least half an hour to start off with.
  2. Close your eyes and picture exactly what you want. Your vision should be as detailed as possible right down to the colours you can see and the sounds you are hearing.
  3. Most importantly imagine how it feels to have what you are visualizing – really tune into your emotions whether they are ones of elation, fun, happiness, contentment etc
  4. Refine your vision so it is crystal clear and feels great
  5. Revisit your vision regularly. First thing in the morning as you are waking up or last thing at night before you drop off to sleep are great as at these times our conscious mind isn’t full of other distracting thoughts.
  6. As well as your mental picture also create a physical picture of what you want. Agreat way to do this is buy yourself a board and stick on it pictures that represent you dreams whether it is a postcard of a sunny beach, a picture of your ideal partner or dream house, or images of people enjoying themselves – put this board where you will be constantly reminded of your vision
  7. Act as if you have achieved your vision – the more you can imagine that you are at least on your way to achieving what you want the more powerful this process will be. For example if you want to be that successful business person start talking how they would talk, start going to place they would go to, buy yourself that nice pen they would use.
  8. Keep revisiting and adding to your vision
  9. Remember when creating a powerful vision to think big…the more you visualize the more you will achieve!

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