Why Should We Know About Emotional Intelligence?

by Emotional Intelligence Coach Robin Hills

In these pages, we will look at why should we know about emotional intelligence and how emotional intelligence and coaching work together.

Emotional intelligence describes a person’s capacity to understand and control their own emotions, and to recognize and manage those of others. 

We all know some people who are able to engage with others immediately making them feel special. They may not be aware that they are using their emotional intelligence well.

It has been shown that emotional intelligence is more important than intellect (IQ) and this can be improved well into later life with supportive coaching.

As coaches, you will know that a good understanding of the person that you are coaching helps to build up that special, trusting relationship that works well. Understanding your own emotional intelligence will help those that you are coaching to understand their emotional intelligence. You can do this by looking at how you manage your feelings and emotions between you and how you use this knowledge to manage your relationship.  This is the reason why we should know about emotional intelligence

With those that you are coaching, you need to make it clear that their feelings are no different from those of other people and that what happens to them will happen to everyone. What they experience with their emotions and their feelings has an impact on their actions and behavior. It is how they manage their reactions and behavior where the difference lies. This is where your coaching can made a real difference. However, you need to be continually aware that your own feelings and emotions will have an affect how you coach.

There is intelligence in the emotions (and) intelligence can be brought to emotions. Daniel Goleman (1996)

Further Reading

The Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook (The Pocketbook) by Margaret Chapman (Paperback - 20 Oct 2001)

The New Leaders: Transforming the Art of Leadership into the Science of Results by Daniel Goleman, Richard E. Boyatzis, and Annie McKee (Paperback - 6 Jun 2002)

Working with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman (Hardcover - 24 Sep 1998)

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