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Use the UK life coach directory links below to find a coach that meets your needs and is available in your geographic time zone. Remember, coaching sessions over the telephone are extremely effective and you don't have to be face-to-face all the time.

What's really crucial is that you have that all important rapport with your coach so provided you're at least in the same country you will be able to find a coach that meets your needs.

Of course if you are more comfortable with face-to-face coaching right from the start then check out a few of the links below and you'll be able to find somebody who is reasonably local to where you live.

Relationship Coach Louise Yates (Clear Perspectives Ltd) develops meaningfully focused, highly motivated organisations which deliver exceptional performance.

Perfect For Performance - Career Coaching For The Entertainment Industry

Exclusive London Life Coaching offers non-judgmental space to find the best way forward tailored to your specific requirements, and delivered either one-to-one, or over Skype/Telephone.

Manchester Life Coach Pami Loomba uses a creative and innovative style to ensure that you are inspired towards personal and lasting change.

Emotional Intelligence Coach Robin Hills specializes in people development and the practical application of emotional intelligence in improving performance.

Personal Sales Coaching by Keith Turnbull Associates Ltd

Robert Stephenson - operates as a career coach, life coach and performance coach.

Life Coaching & Consulting with Chris Wesley Personal, Business and Executive Coaching and Consulting. Find the Focus, Energy and Courage to make Great Things Happen in Your Life and at Work.

The Fight or Flight Response
The Fight or Flight Response

Heart Coaching Practice - helping people reach their full potential, realise their dreams and find focus in their lives.

High Peak Life Coaching - Call today for a chat about how coaching can help you.

Your Pathfinder Coach - Internet Coaching From Paul Appleyard

Better Way Of Living - Offer 12 session packages driven by your agenda.

Healing That Feeling - Executive Life Coaching packages for Women

Joe Benjamin - Coaching young entrepreneurs to realise their purpose & reach maximum potential

Money Teacher - Creating a world that has financial education as a standard.

Conversation And Influencing Skills Training by People Development Associates. Also including performance coaching, career coaching and leadership coaching.

Career Change Coach - use Act For Clarity

Manchester Life Coach - Rob Woollen is waiting to help you to "Be the Best You Can Be".

Top Dating Coach - Dating success guaranteed or your money back!

Time For Psychology - Stefan is a graduate psychologist offering a listening and life-coaching service in person via Skype and Facebook text chat.

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