Hypnotherapy In India

Training classes for 'NLP' & 'Hypnotherapy'

Training classes for 'NLP' & 'Hypnotherapy'

NLP2HYPNOSIS in Bangalore, India provides best, inspiring world class trainings to corporates and individuals that motivates to achieve their true potential and helping our clients to achieve their goals.

WE provide training in leadership skills, inter personal and communication skills, essentials to improve the performance of an individual and teams, thereby adding values to an organization as well as an individual.

Talent has no limits, we optimize the human potential by providing training solutions to understand oneself, realize the true potential, acquire, develop and retain the talent thereby increase the efficiency.

Our mission is to lay the foundation of success with ethics and values, create a value proposition and remodel overall personality of our clients to achieve their goals.

We conduct Training classes for 'NLP' , 'Hypnotherapy', corporate trainings and workshops in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune etc

Corporate counseling for individuals is provided to improve their personality, overcome limiting beliefs, overcome fears/phobias, overcome stress, sales and marketing strategies and much more. Click here for Consultation .

We provide Corporate Training on various modules like Team Building, Stress management, Motivation, Enhance Self Confidence, Overcome limiting beliefs and much more. We believe that if an individual is a good performer with right attitude then his contribution to the organization will definitely be 100%. Our training programs are very flexible, designed in such a way that it will help the person, or the team to overcome limiting blocks, and enhance confidence to work towards their goal. They will learn effective rapport building, team building strategies, the "Attitude", understand the organisation's mission and vision and work towards it, goal setting and accomplishment and much more.

Prakash Subramanian is the Founder and CEO. He is a NLP Trainer, Certified by Dr.William Horton - NFNLP USA, one of the co-founder of NLP, Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past life Regression Therapist,and a mind skill trainer

Professional Experience:

Prakash has been working for years with mind skills that are proven, and bring out excellence in our clients capabilities and performances by eliminating the limiting beliefs a person carries and rewrite them through his techniques for a better and happier,healthier life.

His vision is to empower people excel in their professional and personal lives through his healing techniques and trains people to PREPARE FOR THE CHANGE. He understands the ways to bring out the full potential of the person while maintaining a good balance of professional and personal life.

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