Life Coaching In London

by Robert Stephenson
(London, UK)

I work as a career coach, life coach and performance coach in London. Having previously trained as an actor/teacher, I specialise working with creatives, teachers and freelancers. I use NLP tools within my coaching, as well as practical exercises from my performance background especially when working on confidence, public speaking and presentations.

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Client Testimonials;

"One of the aspects of working with Robert Stephenson of Creative Coaching is the aspect of my own time and how it is utilised. Having someone to guide you through a process, where you have to create and complete your task, or initiate change, where he gives you the right time frame and goal setting tools that not only enables you to achieve what you want, but also do it in half the time if you was on your own. He does not have the answers, but helps you to engage with your own wisdom. I thoroughly recommend it."

Isaac Ngugi - arts education, creative solutions, action research

"Making the transition from in-house to working as a Freelance Practitioner of Education and Creativity was made easier by your coaching sessions Rob. With a great mix of challenge, questioning and humour you made me see what I have to offer and what I might need to consider when developing my skills and services. I have loved your animated approach and your integrity. Thank you"

Freelance Creative Education Consultant


I have found the sessions with you really helpful in an ongoing way still as I am trying to listen to people properly and to hear good advice and genuine offers of support clearly - also its helping me keep it all in perspective and somehow see my future plan to play more and teach less for a while. I am ordering my diary and organising far ahead with everything so that the launch and tour don?t hit me unexpectedly and also I don?t want to get there in an exhausted state!

Just wanna say thanks and be in touch re another session before too long - Hugs R xxx

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