Louise Yates - Clear Perspectives Ltd

by Louise Yates
(Manchester, United Kingdom)

Louise Yates, Clear Perspectives Ltd  - Values Coach and Facilitator

Louise Yates, Clear Perspectives Ltd - Values Coach and Facilitator

Hi, I am Louise Yates, founder and director of Clear Perspectives Ltd, a UK based company which specialises in values-based leadership and organizational development.

So, how can we help you?

We work with business leaders and organisations to define and clarify the values which drive you and your business, and, by applying these values help to create highly focused and highly motivated organisations.

Gaining clarity of your values lies at the heart of personal motivation. If you know what is important to you and live your life according to these values then you will harness the passion that is crucial to both personal motivation and success.

If, as a leader, you have a clear set of values at the heart of your business you have a blueprint for making sound business decisions, determining behaviour and marketing yourself to the outside world. And understanding your own values and those of the people in your teams you can really help you to lead with integrity, harness the efforts of your employees and create a positive working environment that inspires and achieve great results.

What services do we provide?

We provide coaching and facilitation services primarily to business leaders and their teams. Our work is supported through the use of AVI ® (A Values Inventory), a powerful tool which helps you define your personal and organisational values.

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For more information about Clear Perspectives Limited please visit my personal motivation coach website.

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