Mike Alpert FocalPoint Coaching

by Mike Alpert
(Rancho Santa Margarita, CA USA)

Mike Alpert FocalPoint Coaching

Mike Alpert FocalPoint Coaching

Mike is a mentor for passionate business owners and executives. He shows them how to implement powerful strategies and concepts that can be applied immediately to overcome the obstacles to success that they face in the challenging business environment. Mike combines his extensive business experience with the proven methodology of Brian Tracy to produce outstanding results for his clients. He delivers a flexible one-on-one coaching program, that covers every aspect of the business, including leadership and people management. It works because Mike does not just talk about doing things, he actually does them! The result is increased profits and cash flow, and a stronger, more accountable team. The benefit to the client is a healthy and profitable business, more money and less stress.

Mike Alpert, is a Certified Business Coach and owner of FocalPoint Coaching based in Orange County, California. He has 17 years of corporate management experience and a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from USC. He helps owners of businesses of all sizes and industries reach new levels of success, prosperity and fulfillment.

Strategic Planning, Business Operations, Process Management, Leadership Organizational Effectiveness, Marketing, and Sales

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