Money Teacher

by Manjit K. Gill

Money worries are the number one cause of stress.

Money Coaching is not financial advice in the traditional sense. My mission is to create a world that has financial education as a standard and to be able to positively influence our relationship to money.

We live in a time where money makes the world go round but we go through our lives with no foresight of how to do it successfully.

  • Why do we feel uncomfortable when we talk about money?
  • How do we get ourselves into a financial mess?
  • Would you like somebody to guide you through the steps?
  • From understanding your relationship to money, breaking the habits that put you in financial difficulty again and again?

I will help you to open your mail, deal with the debts, and be smarter with your credit. Let’s budget in a way that is exciting and save for the future by understanding your relationship to money.

It will be conducted in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment. Call now to book your free introduction session or recommend to someone you think that could use some assistance.

For Further Information
Manjit K. Gill ACC
Career Coach, Career Coach Institute
Certified Master in NLP with Richard Bandler
Certified Master Trainer, Money Coaching Institute

Telephone 07779800228

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