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by Ilze
(Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Facilitating positive change by improving thinking

Facilitating positive change by improving thinking

Results Coaching Systems are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and their coaches are extensively trained to deliver personal, business and executive coaching with people from all walks of life. They have all undergone extensive coach specific training and passed a challenging internal certification program before being placed on this site.

Our coaching model takes between 3-6 months and is made up of 12 one hour sessions. The first session may take longer as the coach will work with you to define 3 worthwhile goals.

Our coaching methodology is built on a theory for how and why coaching works, based on contemporary neuroscience. We call this a brain-based approach to coaching.

Having a hard science to explain how and why coaching works improves the quality of coaching and speeds up learning. This theoretical foundation was developed over 10 years, through carefully studying coaching conversations to identify the most effective ways to coach.

We then explored how to explain effective coaching by looking into existing theories including change theory, learning theory, systems theory, positive psychology, solutions focused techniques and other fields. While these fields provided good support for how and why coaching worked, we found that neuroscience provided the most complete explanation.

The neuro-scientific domains we draw from include the study of:

* Awareness
* Reflection
* Insight
* Attention
* Working memory and habit
* Expectations
* Emotions
* Empathy and mirror neurons
* Social intelligence

The brain-based approach was introduced by David Rock in the book ‘Quiet Leadership’, published in 2006. A summary of the ideas can be found in an article called 'A Brain-Based Approach to Coaching' from the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations, 2006.

RCS is a sponsor of the Neuro-Leadership Summit, a project linking neuroscience and leadership development. RCS is also sponsoring a range of research projects with organizations, and with neuroscientists, to further this area of study.

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