The Advantage Coaching Network

by Don Martinez MCC. MNLP/P
(Los Angeles, Ca. USA)

The Advantage Coaching Network
Assisting Executives discover new paths.

People engage professionals to guide them in almost every aspect of their work and life - lawyers, doctors, accountants, Financial Planner, Insurance agents, and personal trainers. But most do not have professional guidance on issues, challenges opportunities and questions related to their Life/Career.

As your personal leadership coach, The Advantage Coaching Network Executive Coaches help you improve your effectiveness as a leader ... and we will help you;

Remove Obstacles for Success

  • eliminate weaknesses and necessary skills to improve results
  • Solidify your strengths and necessary skills – and learn to leverage them for career success
  • Learn from personal map assessments
  • Eliminate stress by achieving desired between work – life balance
  • Transform management tendencies to leadership skill
  • Manage and monitor performance against goals
  • Design and implement your individual action plan

Brainstorm Strategies
  • Receive the benefits of an experienced outside perspective
  • Objectively challenge your assumptions and beliefs
  • Review, suggest or help design action steps
  • Provide support, encouragement, validation and confidence

Assess Career Direction
  • Seek assistance with the design of a sound career path
  • Gain insight into who you are and your true potential
  • Paint a vision of what you can become or accomplish
  • Considering transition into a different company in same industry, to a different industry, and / or to a retirement career

Coaching Improves Leadership Abilities

If dealing with everyday demands leaves you little time to improve your leadership competencies, then Personal Executive Coaching offers a solution. Our highly trained professional coaches provide an opportunity to address a variety of issues that may be impacting you or your staff. We work with you to dramatically increase both personal and organizational success. Coaching is confidential, convenient and cost-effective. Your new knowledge and personal insight will give you a major competitive edge.

My Business Coaching service help you get back on track. Utilizing the Accelerated Conditioning™ Method combined with NLP we help transform leaders into champions. Our goal is the help top performer that a stuck by showing them tools and technique to get them back on their running game.

Email us for details (714) 674-0391

Don is an Active Executive Coach.
He has coached hundreds of executives and professionals.

For information, please contact:
Coach with Don

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