Association Of Coaching

One of the UK’s leading coaching bodies, the Association Of Coaching (AOC) is an independent, non profit, membership organisation which was set up to promote best practice, raise standards and raise awareness throughout the coaching industry.

Its vision is ‘To be the leading membership association for Professional Coaches and Organisations involved in Coaching or related Training to enable individuals and businesses to develop, expand and achieve their goals.’

If you are thinking about becoming a coach or are a practising coach you may want to have a look at the benefits it offers its members. There are different levels of membership ranging from associate membership through to Life Fellows, each enjoying different levels of benefit. The AOC provides events such as workshops, seminars and conferences, a membership directory where people can find you if they are seeking a coach, opportunities to network with other coaches and an accreditation programme. Even if you don’t join you will find a range of articles you may find interesting.

You can also access the AOC’s written code of ethics and good practice which is a useful reference point for your own code of coaching best practice.

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