Emotional Intelligence Pocket Book

Emotional Intelligence Pocket Book

Margaret Chapman

Date Of Publication

1st Edition

ISBN-10: 978 1 870471 95 4

  • ISBN-13:

    This is a short book for managers explaining what emotional intelligence (EI) is, how to assess your own EI, how to develop your EI and how to use EI as a management style with others and organisations.

    Who Would Benefit From Reading This Book and why?
    You’ll like this book if you are a manager or individual who wants a quick understanding of what EI is and an easy to follow framework to develop EI.

    Reviewer’s Opinion
    This was the first book I read when I wanted to understand what EI was all about. I’ve found other books on the topic overwhelmingly deep. I like the book because it is compact with lots of practical tips and techniques in it. It demystifies EI and makes the theory relevant to managers.

    I like the approach, the Author, Maureen Chapman, takes by focusing on the idea of knowing yourself and building self-awareness, therefore understanding others. In the Introduction, it has a useful section called “Why bother to develop your EI?” which really highlights the link between EI and success be it business or personal success. It certainly made me want to read more!

    A large part of the book focuses on the “Five steps to EI” framework (1.Self-awareness, 2.Emotion Management, 3.Self – Motivation, 4.Relationship Management and 5.Emotion Coaching) and has loads of little tips and techniques for each of the Five Steps. It’s incredibly practical and easy to relate to. For each Step there is a definition and explanation, there are techniques to self-assess and then practical tips to develop.

    I particularly like the short version of the Boston EI Questionnaire included along with an EI Development Plan linked with the “Five Steps to EI” Framework. I also liked the “Ten habits of EI people” summary on page 88. It’s a real gem of a book!

    Denise Fletcher (Executive Coach)

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