Personal Development Books, CD's and DVD's

This section on personal development books, CD’s and DVD’s has been put together to help you to decide which items you are best spending your time and money on…after all there so many interesting and useful resources out there, (and many not so good ones) and none of us have time to read them all!

Solo Build It!

All reviews are written by my team of trusted coaches and personal development experts and are written in a way that will help you at a glance decide whether the book, CD or DVD will really give you the help or insight that will help you.

Each book review has been written specifically to tell you about the subject and how it relates to coaching in an effort to help you decide whether it's a book (or CD / DVD) that you would benefit from reading.

There's also links to buy the books from Amazon. If you click on the link it will open a new window and take you through to the corresponding page about that book where not only will you find great second hand prices but also more independent reviews to help you decide. 


Anxiety Toolbox

The Brain And Emotional Intelligence: New Insights

Braver Than You Think

The Business Coach

Coaching At Work Toolkit

Coaching For Performance

Creative Visualization

Emotional Intelligence Pocket Book

Finding True North

Leading Through Values

Let My People Go Surfing

The Life Coaching Handbook

The Manager As Coach And Mentor 

50 Psychology Classics

The Psychological Dimensions of Executive Coaching

50 Self Help Classics

Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People

Solutions Focused Coaching

Solutions Focus Making Coaching An Change SIMPLE

50 Spiritual Classics

Steering By Starlight

The Success Factor

The Tao Of Coaching

What Matters Most

Why Mars And Venus Collide

The New Leaders

Working With Emotional Intelligence

DVD Reviews

The Secret

If you have a passion for self development, writing and sharing your learning with others please and are interested in joining our team then please feel free to contact me through the contact us page on the site.

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