Professional Coaching Practice

This section on professional coaching practice has been put together to help you as a coach during all stages of the coaching process, from your pre-coaching conversation and setting up your coaching relationship through to designing a coaching programme and concluding the coaching relationship.

I know when I started out as a coach there was so much to think about with developing my skills as a coach and marketing myself to attract the coachees I wanted that it was sometimes only when I had successfully gained a new client that I thought ‘what else do I need to do as a coach to give value to my client and provide the service of a professional coach?’

This section combined with our section on coaching tools will give you practical tips on what you should cover with your coachee in your initial conversations, thoughts on how to deal with common coaching scenarios and advice for conducting a professional and ethical coaching practice.

When embarking on a coaching relationship it is so important to get the ground rules sorted and agreed because this sets the scene for the entire coaching process and also serves as a reference point should opinions diverge mid-way through the relationship.

Similarly, knowing when to end a coaching relationship is equally important. There may be conflicting arguments not least because you are earning money from the relationship so this section also covers how to deal with this point too.

Pre Coaching Conversation

Pre Coaching Questionnaire

Sample Pre Coaching Questionnaire

Coaching Programme Design

First Coaching Session

Intake Session Checklist

Reasons To End Your Coaching Relationship

Ending Your Coaching Relationship

Post Coaching Relationship

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