Different Coaching Approaches

In this section I will share with you some information about the different coaching approaches which, if you are looking to buy coaching services will help you decide what coach to choose.

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If you are a coach this may give you new ideas on how you may be able to help your clients and prompt you to seek out further coach development. I know when I started out I was introduced to ‘one way’ of coaching and it is only as I have developed myself over the years I have found that other approaches more effective.

What Is A ‘Coaching Approach?’

In effect it refers to the way a coach delivers their service and is a reflection of the principles, models and tools a coach uses. Some examples include Solutions Focused, Non-directive, Values-based, Goal Focused and NLP Focused approaches

These are just some examples of the many different approaches and you will find that there are overlaps. If you coach already you may find yourself, as I do, using a combination of approaches depending on the situation and some, for example solutions focused, non-directive and values based approaches complement each other very well.

If you have information about approaches not mentioned here you might like to post this up so the wider coaching community can benefit from your experience.

Solutions Focused Coaching

Values Based Coaching

Non Directive Coaching

Directive Coaching

Content Focused Coaching

Goal Focused Coaching

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching

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