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May 07, 2024

Coaching Culture And Developing People

An organisation with a coaching culture can be described as one which adopts coaching practices as an integral way of managing and developing people.

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Apr 25, 2024

Effective Listening Skills

Effective listening skills are a pre-requisite of a good coach with a good coach spending far more time listening than talking.

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Apr 22, 2024

Marketing Methods For Coaches

My marketing methods for coaches will help ensure you make the best use of your time and money to build your coaching business.

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Apr 18, 2024

Can You Coach Yourself?

Can you coach yourself? If coaching is all about helping you move forward in your life, with the help of a wide variety of personal development resources you can coach yourself.

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Apr 16, 2024

The Coaching At Work Toolkit

The Coaching At Work Toolkit builds on the “The Complete Guide to Coaching” book by the same authors. The first part focuses on the theory of coaching and how / where to use coaching. the second part focuses on tools and techniques a coach can add to his or her toolkit.

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Apr 08, 2024

Easy Coaching Skills Assessment Tool

Use this quick and easy coaching skills assessment tool to asess your skills and identify your coaching needs

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Apr 03, 2024

Tao Of Coaching Book Review

Max Landsberg intended the Tao Of Coaching to be a “pocket book” about using coaching as a leadership style. It is a concise book of only 122 pages about coaching, focusing on all aspects of coaching including; what is coaching, when to coach and how to coach.

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Mar 26, 2024

What Matters Most, The Power Of Living Your Values

What Matters Most is a truly magnificent explanation of how to discover and live your values with anecdotes taken from works and personal experiences of the author himself.

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Mar 25, 2024

Understanding Your Values

Understanding your values will help you with making decisions, managing time effectively, understanding what stresses you, developing effective relationships with others and unlocking your motivation.

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Mar 20, 2024

Working With Emotional Intelligence: Book Review

Working with Emotional Intelligence follows on from and turns Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” into a more practical approach to Emotional Intelligence.

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Mar 18, 2024

What Is Coaching ?

What is coaching? It is a powerful tool which can help you to make changes in your business or career, improve your performance, enhance your relationships with others or develop specific skills.

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Mar 14, 2024

The Manager As Coach And Mentor

The Manager As Coach And Mentor is a useful introduction to coaching and mentoring in the workplace if you are a manager, team leader or supervisor

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Mar 13, 2024

Coaching Questions Toolkit To Enhance Your Questioning Skills

Here is a coaching questions toolkit you can use to enhance your questioning skills whatever stage of the coaching conversation you are at with your client.

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Mar 11, 2024

Steering By Starlight Book Review

Steering By Starlight is an authentic and original take on life coaching taking us direct to the core of our being, the stargazer and rooted to your destiny.

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Mar 10, 2024

Small Business Plan Template

Here is a small business plan template which gives you a great guide to planning your coaching business. I resisted doing a business plan for a long time, just letting my business grow organically but

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Mar 08, 2024

The Life Coaching Handbook Book Review

The Life Coaching Handbook is an apt title for a book that does indeed tell you everything you need to know to be an effective life coach

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Mar 06, 2024

Solutions Focused Questions

Solutions focused questions are a really effective way of moving forward rather than dwelling on an issue. Here are your examples.

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Feb 29, 2024

Active Listening Techniques

Active Listening Techniques

Use these active listening techniques to ensure that your clients really know that you are listening to them.

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Feb 28, 2024

Psychological Dimensions of Executive Coaching

If you believe that unlocking the awareness in an individual will lead to long lasting change then Psychological Dimensions of Executive Coaching is for you.

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Feb 27, 2024

Business And Life Coaching Fees And How To Increase Them

How do you set your business and life coaching fees? The range is from $20/ session right through to over a thousand dollars/month but what should yours be and how can you increase them?

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Feb 26, 2024

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People is a must read if you want to be more effective, use your time more productively and understand how to get more out of others.

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Feb 20, 2024

Structured Intake Session Checklist

Use this structured intake session checklist to manage your clients expectations before your first coaching session

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Feb 19, 2024

Leading Through Values – Linking Company Culture to Business Strategy

Leading Through Values clearly explains the role that values play within an organisation, influencing the culture, business strategy and the impact on organisational performance.

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Feb 16, 2024

Use AVI Values Inventory Test To Discover Your Personal Core Values

Use this AVI values inventory test to discover your personal core values and learn more about what's really important to you and what underpins your motivation.

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Feb 09, 2024

Understanding Your Beliefs

Beliefs play a crucial role in personal development so understanding your beliefs and addressing them can help you to make those changes in your life.

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