Leading Through Values – Linking Company Culture to Business Strategy


Leading Through Values – Linking Company Culture to Business Strategy

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Michael Henderson, Dougal Thompson, Shar Henderson

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Leading Through Values explains really clearly the role that values have to play within the organisational environment: their role in influencing the culture of an organisation, the impact on the people within it and their performance and the resulting impact on organisational performance.

It gives solid argument for organisations to take a values-based approach to leadership in the 21st century and gives practical advice to help you implement this within your own organisation.

The book is divided into 3 main parts:

  1. Putting values and business in context
    Here you will understand more about what is meant by values and their relevance in organisations today.
  2. Aligning with values
    In this part you will learn about company culture, where values fit in and you will be introduced to a set of values that have been identified through rigorous research. These values are then put into the context of leadership and different resulting leadership styles are explained.
  3. Implementing a values based approach
    The book then goes on to help you understand how you too can implement values-based leadership in your organisation or one you are working with.

Who Would Benefit From Reading This Book and Why?

If you are a leader within an organisation or a coach or consultant working with organisations in implementing culture change or developing leadership capability then this book is well worth a read.

Reviewer’s Opinion

As a coach who works with organisations in the areas of culture change, leadership development and employee motivation this text has been one of my trusted handbooks and I always find myself recommending this book to those I work with. I find the content so relevant to organisations today and the arguments robust. 


Louise Yates, Clear Perspectives Ltd (Business Coach & Facilitator).
Clear Perspectives

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