The Business Coach


The Business Coach - A step by step guide to help you increase your profits whilst freeing up your time.

Solo Build It!


Bradley J Sugars

First Published



Second Edition


ISBN-13: 978-0071466721

ISBN-10: 007146672X 


Told as a story of two business owners The Business Coach takes you through their journey as they transform both their business and personal lives.

Throughout the book you are guided through a logical step by step process to help you develop and grow your business, and in each chapter there are tools and hints to help you to take practical steps to making change.

Written by the founder of Action International, one of the World’s largest business coaching companies, you will get an insight into the approach taken by Action Coaches around the world. There is an emphasis throughout the book on the 7 factors which impact upon profit and a simple formula which demonstrates how your profits can be increased.

Who Would Benefit From Reading This Book and Why?

This is a useful book for any business owner who wants to grow their business and also coaches who want to improve their commercial acumen both for themselves and when working with business owners.

Reviewer’s Opinion

Overall I found this a pretty easy read completing it in just a few hours. It very simply clarified for me what impacts upon my bottom line and the areas I can personally work on to grow my business. At times I found myself skimming over the narrative which was sometimes a little repetitive to focus on the models, formulae and tips.


Louise Yates, Clear Perspectives Ltd (Business Coach & Facilitator).
Clear Perspectives

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