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Here you will find a range of personal development articles which capture the thoughts, opinions and debates around coaching and personal development. I often find myself inspired by people I talk to, interested in opinions or fascinated by different view points, and in order that these valuable nuggets of learning are not lost I have started to capture them in print so I can share them with you.

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So here you will find a range of articles that bring together my own views and opinions with those of other coaches and personal development experts which are intended to raise awareness, ask and answer questions, stimulate thinking and provide insight into a range of topics related to coaching and personal development.

If you have your own article or thoughts which you would like to share with the coaching community then please do feel free to contact me through the Ask A Question page on the website.

Can You Coach Yourself? 

The Power Of Creative Visualization

Why Your New Year Resolution Could Fail

Practise Your Positive Influencing Skills

How Spirituality Life Coaching Can Benefit You

Understanding Your Beliefs

Understanding Your Values

Work Life Balance

The Power Of Thought Can Defeat A Spiral Of Negativity 

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