Essential Coaching Skills Development

There are a number of essential coaching skills a good coach should possess in order to help a coachee effectively and a good coach will continually seek to develop these skills further as part of their continuing professional development.

Solo Build It!

In this section these skills are explained with coaching tips on how you can develop yourself in each of these areas.

At this stage please don't treat this list as exhaustive, there's still a number of tips that we need to include so please bookmark the page so that you can dip in again when the time is appropriate.

To complement this section use the coaching tools pages as well. These pages will help you to assess your own skills and also add to your own coaching toolkit. We also have recommended books and CDs which will give you more insight into each one of these.


Preparing For Coaching

Building Rapport

Tips For Establishing Rapport

Listening Skills

Effective Listening Skills

3 Levels Of Listening

Active Listening Techniques

Use Of Silence

Questioning Skills

Open Coaching Questions

Effective Coaching Questions

Solutions Focused Questions

Questions To Avoid

Clarifying And Reflecting


Challenging Your Coachee

Measuring Progress And Commitment

Scaling Techniques

Goal Setting

Setting Effective Goals

10 Tips For Effective Goal Setting

Recommended Further Reading:

Co-active Coaching: New Skills for Coaching People Toward Success in Work and Life by Laura Whitworth, Henry Kimsey-House, Karen Kimsey-House, and Phil Sandahl (Paperback - 15 Feb 2007)

The Solutions Focus: Making Coaching and Change Simple Paul Z Jackson & Mark McKergow, Nicholas Brealy International

Coaching Manual: The Definitive Guide to the Process, Principles & Skills of Personal Coaching by Julie Starr (Paperback - 8 Nov 2007)

Coaching Skills: A Handbook by Jenny Rogers (Paperback - 1 Mar 2008)

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