Finding True North


Finding True North

Solo Build It!


Michael Henderson

Date Of Publication



1st Edition




Finding True North is a book devoted to helping you understand and clarify your values in order that you can lead a more fulfilling life.

‘Our values are our personal preferences and priorities. Values represent what is most important to us in our life’

After explaining what values are the book then takes you through a step by step process to help you to clarify your own personal values and apply them within your own life.

Easy to read and packed full of exercises this book can really help get you started on the road to living a fulfilling life congruent with your values.

It makes reference to AVI (A Values Inventory) which identifies 125 values (now 128) which is well worth carrying out. 

Who Would Benefit From Reading This Book and Why?

Finding True North would benefit anyone who wants to get to the root of what motivates them, make better decisions, gain a better work-life balance and achieve a happier and more successful life. Likewise this is a must read for coaches who can really help their clients clarify what is important to them at the outset of their coaching relationship and to help them in the areas described above.

Reviewers Opinion

I first read this book when I was introduced to AVI. This book has really furthered my learning on values and, as an accredited coach I always have this book to hand to give to clients. I am looking forward to the next edition which should contain the updated list of 128 values as identified by AVI. A great read.


Louise Yates, Clear Perspectives Ltd (Business Coach & Facilitator).

Clear Perspectives 

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