Values Based Coaching

Values based coaching is an approach which recognises that understanding one’s values lie at the heart of any personal or organisational change programme.

What Is A Value?

Put simply a value is what is important to you and something you will consistently choose to prioritise towards in your life.

Examples of values include:

  • Achievement
  • Loyalty
  • Respect
  • Nurture
  • Care of the environment
  • Belonging
  • Security
  • Being oneself

What Is The Relevance Of Understanding Values In Coaching?

A good trained values-based coach will help a client clarify and identify their values, (many people think they know what their values are but often a values elicitation session with a trained coach uncovers some surprises), help them understand what motivates them, uncover resistances to change and take action that is congruent with what is important to them.

Further Reading:

Values based coaching is a passion of mine and I found these three books to be truly inspirational.

What Matters Most : The Power of Living Your Values by Hyrum W. Smith (Paperback - 29 Oct 2001)

Finding True North: Discover Your Values, Enrich Your Life by M. Henderson (Paperback - Feb 2004)

Leading Through Values by M. Henderson, Shar Henderson, and Douglas Thompson (Paperback - May 2006)

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