Steering By Starlight


Steering By Starlight

Solo Build It!


Martha Beck

Date Published



First Edition




A beautiful, authentic and original take on life coaching by this extraordinary author, the book cuts through the chase of managing thoughts and emotions and takes us direct to the core of our being, the stargazer, that part of you which is completely connected to the universe and which is rooted to your destiny. That still point inside where you will find your true destiny.

Who Would Benefit From Reading This Book and Why?

Any life coach who is looking for an original take in their practice would benefit from this book. The author begins by transporting you to the future by identifying the things and emotions around what you want. She describes the idea of The Ring of Fire which is essentially 3 circles placed inside each other. The outer circle is called the Shallows, that part of us that is ego driven and rooted to the material world. The middle circles is called the Ring of Fire, that part of the self where we have the potential to dissolve our feelings that makes us miserable. The inner circle is the core of peace, our stargazer self, the point from which we can do magic!

Reviewer’s Opinion

This is a book I could not put down. I worked though the exercises and truly found a deep magical experience of my ideal state. For those of us who struggle with the idea of the, power of attraction, in the SecretSteering by Starlight suggests attraction depends where the thinker resides mentally; thoughts from the shallow outer limits of our psyches have little power whereas thoughts from the core of peace are magical and powerful.


Pami Loomba ( Coach) 

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