The Life Coaching Handbook


The Life Coaching Handbook- Everything you need to be an effective life coach

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Curley Martin

Date Of Publication



1st Edition


  • 1899836713


This handbook is a must for any aspiring life coach practitioner. If you ever invest in only one book about coaching then this is the one taking you through what life coaching is, how to coach effectively and how to set up and sustain a successful practice. It is clearly written and well presented with each chapter beginning with a synopsis and ending with a bullet point summary which serve as an excellent trigger regarding the key content.

Who Would Benefit From Reading This Book and Why?

Anyone who is interested in coaching themselves and others, this book offers a comprehensive guide through some popular coaching techniques such as the ICANDO model and some advanced NLP based techniques. More significantly it is an excellent guide for new coaches seeking to set up their own coaching practises and an excellent reference for the busy practitioner seeking to enhance their skills.

Reviewer’s Opinion

Highly recommended, Curley Martins handbook was the first comprehensive guide I came across when I began to train and set up my own practice in life coaching and it has remained my bible ever since.


Pami Loomba (coach)

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The Life Coaching Handbook- Everything you need to be an effective life coach