What Matters Most, The Power Of Living Your Values


What Matters Most, The Power Of Living Your Values

Solo Build It!


Hyrum W Smith

Date Published



First Edition


ISBN 0-684-87257-9


Beautifully illustrated through anecdotes from the authors own experiences makes this book an entertaining read whilst informing you of the powerful approach to being yourself and being that perfectly. The book focuses on helping you uncover your values and demonstrates how to act more in alignment with those values by using the Atom metaphor to describe the rotating roles, values and mission around your core self and then incorporating those into your Personal Productivity Pyramid that is, Discover Plan and Act out your mission. 

Who Would Benefit From Reading This Book and Why?

Any individual or organisation interested in developing a sense of ease with itself and identifying roles, values and setting a mission will find this book instructive. Its implementation however, requires some effort on part of the reader and coaches interested in using the material. They are advised to devise a flow chart that outlines the processes described 


This is a good book to reinforce your own learning around values and particularly useful is part 3 of the book which takes you through a practical application using the question ‘some day I will …. ? and ending with a mission statement the purpose of which is to instill a sense of peace in our daily lives. 


Pami Loomba (coach)

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