The Coaching At Work Toolkit


The Coaching at Work Toolkit


Perry Zeus and Suzanne Skiffington

Date Of Publication



1st edition


ISBN-10: 0 074 71103 2


This book builds on the “The Complete Guide to Coaching” book by the same authors. The first part of the book focuses on the theory of coaching and how / where to use coaching. the second part focuses on tools and techniques a coach can add to his or her toolkit. These include assessment instruments, evaluation tools, challenging exercises and relaxation techniques. The third section focuses on practice management and future trends and includes useful topics such as marketing a coaching practice and spirituality.

Who Would Benefit From Reading This Book and Why?

Whatever type of coach you are this is a useful resource book. It is comprehensive and there are lots of topics covered. It truly is a toolkit you can dip into. You’ll like this book if you are already a coach and want a snapshot of almost any topic around coaching / coachees. You’ll find it useful if you are struggling with a coachee, for instance a coachee taking ownership, being self -aware, perhaps not recognising emotions or being resistant and many other coaching challenges.

Reviewer’s Opinion

The Coaching at Work Toolkit does what it says on the cover. It is a toolkit for techniques about coaching. I like the fact it covers many topics and can be dipped into and out as required. For example Chapter 4 deals with Assessment Issues and profiles and covers twenty profile assessments grouped into six profile types; individual, small business, organisation work performance, leadership, personal style and self analysis. It offers checklists and actual exercises to carry out with a coachee. It’s definitely good as a resource although I found the book quite overwhelming as it covers so many tools and techniques. I find it interesting that it doesn’t mention any popular coaching models for instance it doesn’t even mention GROW or refer to Sir John Whitmore who is seen by many to be the founder of coaching as a theory. There is a useful chapter included in Part 3 regarding establishing and marketing a coaching practice.


Denise Fletcher (Executive Coach)

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