The Solutions Focus Making Coaching And Change SIMPLE


The Solutions Focus Making Coaching and Change SIMPLE

Solo Build It!


Paul Z Jackson and Mark Mckergow

Date Published



Second Edition


  • ISBN-10: 978-1-904838-06-7
  • ISBN-13:


This is the ultimate book covering a solutions focused approach as opposed to a problem focused approach. It asks the reader to think about “what is working and do more of it” and “stop doing what doesn’t work and do something different”. This book is validated by Sir John Whitmore who is considered the founder of coaching as a theory. Most of the book focuses on SIMPLE principles which could be considered to be the “mind-set” to adopt when dealing with individuals and change. Coupled with SIMPLE Principles the authors offer the OSKAR model as a framework to structure coaching conversations.

Who Would Benefit From Reading This Book and Why?

You will like this book if you are a coach, facilitator, manager or leader as it helps people and individuals move towards solutions and away from being problem focused. You’ll find this book useful if you are a coach who wants to stick to one approach to coaching rather than having a toolkit of many theories and techniques. The SIMPLE principles and OSKAR are a robust approach to manage change in individuals and teams.

Reviewer's Opinion

I find that the Solutions Focused approach to coaching fits in very well with the popular GROW model as it is positive and action focused. This book is well laid out. I particularly like the visual prompts….a combination of diagrams, checklists and summaries. In addition there are practical examples including examples of dialogues and case studies. I like the fact that the book focuses on the “mind-set” / SIMPLE principles to adopt in a management/ coaching relationship. I haven’t seen many coaching books which focus on the principles in as much detail. The anachronism SIMPLE is easy to remember and a good self check for any coach at any time in the coaching process. The Author’s offer OSKAR as a framework for the coaching conversation, but actually if you have the SIMPLE mind-set a range of coaching models can be used.


Denise Fletcher (Executive Coach)

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