Why Mars And Venus Collide Book Review


Why Mars And Venus Collide

Solo Build It!


John Gray

Date Of Publication



First Edition


ISBN-13 978-0-00-724745-5
ISBN-10 0-00-724745-1


Why Mars and Venus Collide is both a usefully theoretical and practical book which helps address common relationship issues between men and women in the 21st Century. As in his original ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus’ book, John Gray explains some fundamental scientific differences in the way men and women think and how this impacts upon their respective communications within their relationships with their opposite sex partners. But this book does more that this, it puts it in the context of today’s world and its associated stresses (more women having a full time career out of necessity, changing expectations of both men and women etc) and explains how and why relationships can and do deteriorate as a result.

But this book is about what you can do to improve your relationship so John Gray then goes on to explain how you and your partner can address these issues and ultimately have a really happy and fulfilling relationship. 

Who Would Benefit From Reading This Book and Why?

This book is a really great read if you want to improve your relationship with your opposite sex partner or spouse. But be prepared to read it and embrace the principles together. 

Reviewer’s Opinion

I really like this book and have recommended this to many of my friends, family and clients who have tensions in their relationship with their spouses or partners, (which is actually most people I know!) Couples in today’s world are faced with pressures that many of our parents and grandparents never faced so following their rules are not necessarily relevant. Just the insight into knowing there are millions of people out there facing similar tensions to myself and why these tensions exist was enough to make this book worth reading, and the practical tips for dealing with them for me makes this a must-read for all couples in this day and age. I have now been happily married for 25 years and looking forward to the next 25!


Louise Yates (executive and team coach; coach supervisor) 

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