50 Spiritual Classics

50 Spiritual Classics

Tom Butler Bowdon



ISBN 978-1-85788-349-7


The third in the series of Tom Butler Bowdon’s 50 classics books comes 50 Spiritual Classics. The author provides yet another array of compelling and inspirational commentaries and insight into the expanse of spiritual literature. Adhering to form the book provides bite size summaries of some of the most influential books in the field and is grouped around the following themes:

  • Great spiritual lives
  • Practical spirituality
  • The great variety of experience
  • Opening the doors of perception
  • Divine relationship and life purpose
  • Humanity’s spiritual evolution
  • Landmarks on the spiritual path

Who Would Benefit From Reading This Book and Why?

If like me your coaching often takes you to expanding the realms of personal development and which takes you to facilitating journeys towards greater self knowledge then this book will instill a confidence in facilitating inner search, growth and development in the spiritual realm.

Reviewer’s Opinion

The book offers knowledge of lives completely transformed attaining spiritual wholeness, of for example, Ram Das, Remember, Be Here Now and Malcolm X The Autobiography of Malcolm X, to practical lessons in how to master your own mind. Particularly relevant here is:

Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now

Thich Nhat Hanh - The Miracle Of Mindfulness

The two authors discuss living in the now and being attuned to a much richer deeper experience of life.

Again Tom Bowdon provides an excellent taste of some of the best writing on spirituality that enables you to navigate your way around the array of literature. I have read many of the offerings and still found little gems of inspiration like:

Miguel Ruiz - The Four Agreements, ‘be impeccable with our words, take nothing personally, assume nothing and always do your best’


Pami Loomba (Coach)

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