Working with Emotional Intelligence

Working with Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman

Date Of Publication

1st Edition

ISBN-10: 0 7475 4384 4

  • ISBN-13:

    This book builds on the theory of Emotional Intelligence covered in Golemans’ first book but translates the theory into the real world of work. The main point promoted in the book is that Emotional Intelligence is the key to success and is more important than IQ or technical expertise.

    Goleman also stresses that Emotional Intelligence can be developed. The book is presented in five parts; EI is more important than IQ / technical expertise, an exploration of Self- mastery, an understanding of understanding others; how to develop EI competencies, and the EI organisation.

    Who Would Benefit From Reading This Book and why?
    If you found Daniel Goleman’s first book, Emotional Intelligence a heavy read then you may find this book more readable. It goes someway to give real examples of how the theory works in the world of work. I’d say this book is suitable in the main for Trainers, Consultants and OD specialists. Individuals who like quite a bit of theory and detail will also like the links in this book to scientific research behind EI.

    Reviewer’s Opinion
    I had this book for quite a while before I really tackled it. I started reading it several times, stopped, started and found it a hard read. It’s quite scientific and there is lots to read (my preference is for more pictures, tables and bulleted summaries and these are lacking for me in this book. It’s also very American and I found it difficult to relate to. However having said all that, I bought “The New Leaders” by the same Author, found this much more readable and as a consequence seem to find this book easier to use. I tend to use both books in conjunction with each other.

    Denise Fletcher (Executive Coach)

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