Email Coaching Courses

by William
(Milton Keynes)

I have already done the Certificate course with the Coaching Academy in the UK and I am interested in Personal and Relationship Coaching. Are there any places I can do email coaching courses and obtain a certificate?


I wasn’t entirely certain as to whether you are looking for a qualification which is gained through use of online media or whether you are looking for a programme which equips you to coach via email.

Whilst email can play a very valuable role in coaching it has its limitations as a sole medium in helping an individual reach their full potential. I do however see email as a useful supplement to your face to face or telephone coaching sessions when you can summarise points arising from your sessions, pose questions for the coach to reflect upon between sessions, provide affirmations and follow up with your coachees.

Similarly I do not believe you can fully develop your own coaching skills through email or online courses as there is no substitute for coaching practice with ‘live’ clients which form the backbone of any robust coach development programme.

I therefore am unable to recommend any email-coaching coaching courses however if you have a look at my section on coaches training you will see that I recommend the Coaches Training Institute as a great programme for furthering your development as a coach which will equip you with a wide range of tools and techniques to carry out Personal and Relationship Coaching which you have mentioned.

You also mention that you are looking to gain a certificate. My own personal recommendation is that you seek out the right programme for your rather than look specifically for a course which gives you a certificate. In all cases check out what the certificate actually means (i.e. is the programme accredited by a recognised body?), after all any organisation, good or bad can issue a certificate.

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