Entrepreneur Coaching

by Vic Williams
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Coaches carry clients, like on a coach

Coaches carry clients, like on a coach

Have you been coached by a successful entrepreneur? They're interested and exploring what you're up to in your business. Their questions lead you in the ways they find success in their life as they explore your way.

I was thinking about that. They elicit information for their needs and coach and you hardly realize what's happened. Then the conversation goes onto something else.

Some of them do really good jobs, even when their way isn't yours.

I think that success pattern is inherent in 'entrepreneur', social or moneymaking doesn't matter. The pattern creates a living tree of choices, that you then navigate like a map as reality comes by. Many of the choices never become real, they're just scenarios, prep for other realities that didn't come by.

It's like CRM - Crew Resource Management, for air crew, keeping the aircraft on course through the troubles that happen on the way.

One of the key things showing through in CRM and entrepreneurs and the agile development pattern, is great communications. We need to look and listen to what's going on around us, and in the 'cockpit', in reality and what-might-be. A good team starts with good comms and grows faster. I say the comms are a half-hidden key, and they live and graze in the same field as emotional intelligence. So please grab a carrot and feed some of the emotional intelligence here, talking and listening, openly communicating.

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