Benefits Of Spirituality Coaching

Written by Manchester Life Coach Pami Loomba

Spirituality coaching (or spiritual coaching) is coaching around the exploration of your own spirituality. It is not necessarily equated with religion but rather the search for inner peace, happiness, the essence of your being and the deepest values by which you live your life.

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The aim of spirituality life coaching is to enable you to connect to your inner source; the coach may do this by incorporating a spiritual path along which you travel to achieve particular objectives. These objectives may be very subjective and individual such as reaching a higher state of awareness. The path might involve practising various spiritual disciplines such as meditation, prayer, contemplation.

Spiritual practice brings about heightened awareness and through spirituality coaching, draw out your deepest values. The goals you set then are more authentic to your needs. The difference between spiritual coaching and other types of coaching is that you visualise your goals and fuel them with your emotions and then you simply let go. By that meaning you remain detached from the outcomes. Your unconscious mind directs the way through intuition. Spiritual coaching helps you build faith and conviction that the universe will deliver.

This type of coaching may be beneficial if you are looking to develop yourself beyond material and mechanistic goals, have a tendency to worry or feel anxious, do not listen to your intuition, do not expect good things to happen to you in the future, do not believe negative events will work out for you eventually and are looking for peace and happiness

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