You Can Become One Of Many Different Types Of Coach

It’s helpful to understand the different types of coach and the context in which they work if you are considering becoming a coach, and then to consider what would interest you and the potential market for these services.

Workplace-Based Coach

Many companies recognize the importance of coaching to help employees improve their performance at work, so they either train their managers or selected personnel to coach staff or they bring in external coaches to help them. 

As coaching can represent a considerable investment it is often reserved for senior managers, directors and business owners. This is commonly referred to as executive coaching and is usually carried out by an external independent coach.

Personal Coach

Many people recognize that they want to make changes in their lives – perhaps change career, improve an unsatisfactory relationship, lose weight or become fitter or perhaps discover what truly motivates them, and they will employ a personal coach to help them. A good coach can help an individual make those changes more quickly than if they tried to make those changes on their own and help them to make the right decisions. 

Specialist Coaches

You may be passionate about a particular subject or cause, or experienced in a particular area and therefore want to become a specialist coach. Just some areas you may choose to specialize in are:

The advantage of coaching in an area you are experienced in is that you may be able to show particular empathy with your client and also know what questions to ask that will help your client. One danger however of coaching in an area that you are experienced in is that you could find yourself wanting to give advice rather than coach, or even ask leading questions…so think carefully, is it advice you want to give or would you rather help someone find their own solutions. 

Life Coach

A life coach is probably one of the most common types of coach and as a coach you need to be aware that to help people in one area of their life you may have to help them in others too – work, relationships, health etc all impact upon each other so separating them out can be difficult. This is where life coaches come in with their holistic approach to coaching, helping their client explore any area in their life in which they may want to make changes. 

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