Benefits Of Coaching In Organisations

There are numerous benefits of coaching in organisations. Coaching is an immensely powerful process and means of developing an individual whatever their role is and it can be applied in a variety of ways in an organisation.

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Coaching as a management style

Taking a coaching approach and using key coaching skills such as questioning, listening and building rapport provides an alternative way of managing your staff whatever their role might be. Whilst there are times when it is appropriate to ‘tell’ or ‘instruct’ (e.g. new member of staff with little or no experience of the task) the danger is that if the individual’s ideas are not sought they may feel undervalued, will lack ownership and commitment to the task in hand and can be highly de-motivating. On the other hand if you adopt a coaching approach and ask questions to allow an individual to think through problems, assess their own performance, explore options and decide a course of action this can result in increased ownership and commitment and increased engagement in the task or job. 

Personal development coaching

Some organisations invest in more formal personal development or life-coaching for their employees where the emphasis is on developing that person in order that they can better perform in their role. Often this is termed executive coaching and is reserved for those more senior in the organisation or those regarded as ‘high flyers’ simply because of the perceived cost. Taking the time out in a more formal coaching session can really help an individual reflect upon: what is important to them, their skills, attitudes, qualities; will raise their own awareness and increase their own responsibility for taking action and their success.

Some organisations use external coaches and some have dedicated trained coaches internally who can carry out this role. 

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