CLEAR Coaching Model By Peter Hawkins

The CLEAR coaching model was developed by Peter Hawkins in the early 80’s, and is an acronym for

  • Contracting
  • Listening
  • Exploring
  • Action
  • Review

It is not dissimilar to the GROW model however gives scope for a couple of other elements to be included in the session which are not covered by the limits of GROW.

Solo Build It!


Here you are not only helping your coachee establish what outcomes they want to achieve as a result of coaching you are also opening up the discussion, establishing the scope of the coaching and setting ground rules for working together.


This stage is all about actively listening to your coachee and listening with empathy to help them to gain an understanding of their situation and personal insight.


This stage comprises two elements:
Exploring 1: Helping the coachee to understand the personal impact the situation is having on themselves.
Exploring 2: Challenging the coachee to think through possibilities for future action in resolving the situation.


At this stage you are supporting the coachee in choosing a way ahead and deciding the next step.


Finally this is about closing the session, reinforcing ground covered, decisions made and value added. As a coach you are also encouraging feedback from your coachee on what was helpful about the coaching process, what was difficult and what they would like to be different in future coaching sessions.

Further Reading:

Coaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy: Supervision and Development by Peter Hawkins and Nick Smith (Paperback - 1 Jan 2007)

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