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Sadly I can't vouch that everybody and I certainly haven't tried services that are on offer here so take your time to search the links and ensure that you find a coach that meets your needs.

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Life Coach Directory

- Life Coach Directory provides a huge coaching support network, enabling visitors to find a Life Coach close to them and appropriate for their needs.

Life Coach and Business Coach Steve Mitten MCC

Master Certified Coach Steve Mitten works one-to-one with individuals and independent professionals to help them find the right path and get the results they want.

Online Business Solutions for Professional Coaches - Have more time, create more clients, and receive multiple incomes with our Online Solutions for Coaches. Visit Us Today for a FREE Demo!

What is life coaching - Answers to many of the questions that people have about life coaching.

PG Coaching and PG ArtWorks - Spiritual/Metaphysical Life Coaching - Paintings for a Shift in Consciousness - Heart and Soul Projects and more.

Life Coaches with The Coach Connection - Achieve your work and life goals. Become more energized, reduce or eliminate stress, by connecting with your own life coach. Money-Back Guarantee.

Emotional Intelligence Coach Robin Hills specializes in people development and the practical application of emotional intelligence in improving performance.

Professional and personal life coach Lisa Branigan works with busy women who are tired, stressed and overwhelmed. Coach Branigan provides women the necessary support, encouragement and understanding needed to create changes and bring balance to their life and health.

Principal Evolutions Executive Coaching - Executive coaching and leadership development to help business professionals evolve and get the results they want.

Mindful Life Coach - Life, business, personal, and spiritual growth are possible with Mindful Life Coach to build success, self-confidence, self-esteem.

Total Balance Group - Boutique career and business coaching and corporate training specialising in work life balance. We support clients in all areas of Australia in their personal and professional lives.

Life Coaching
Boost your self esteem, have great relationships, be the best parent you can be for your kids with the help of your Be Happy in LIFE coach. Life coaching is a tremendous personal growth experience, which will empower your life forever.

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