What Are The Qualities Of A Coach?

It’s important to consider the qualities of a coach if you are considering whether a career in coaching is for you. Have a look at the list of qualities and skills below to help you decide.

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A passion for helping others

This must be one of the most important qualities of a coach. Only a coach with their clients’ needs at heart will excel so you really must have a genuine interest in helping others.

An interest in personal development – for yourself and others

Coaching is all about helping people to improve – whether it is a particular skill, performance at work or making changes to their health or relationships. It therefore follows that you must believe in personal development as a valuable concept and be committed to developing yourself in the process, including developing your own skills as a coach.


To fully help a client open up and explore their own path forward you need to be non-judgmental. This means fully immersing yourself in the needs of the client and not imposing your own opinions, thoughts and judgments. Of course in life you will have your opinions but in the process of coaching these need to be put to one side.

Keeps confidentiality

As a coach you will be privy to confidences that clients will not have shared with anyone else. A client therefore needs to be able to trust that you will keep all conversations confidential. The only time you can be expected to break confidences is if the someone’s life is in danger or if the law is being broken. It is important that at the start of your contract with your client you make this clear.

Can motivate

A great coach is one who can help motivate and inspire their clients. Whilst personal motivation to change does need to come from the client, as a coach you need to be able recognize and feedback the progress of the client so they know they are moving forward.

Setting An Example

As a coach you need to be able to set an example. Who would have confidence in a business coach whose business is clearly struggling and who would want to employ a fitness coach who never exercised and ate unhealthily. As an outstanding coach you need to show you are the best in your field and therefore provide true inspiration to others.


A good coaching relationship is based on honesty between the coach and the client. For the client to move forward they need to be prepared to be honest with themselves and their coach, but likewise the coach needs to be honest with the client. A good coach is one who is prepared to give honest feedback about their observations and who is also honest enough to say if and when their help is no longer appropriate.

Coaching Skills

There are specific skills that a coach needs, such as questioning, listening and rapport building skills, which if you haven’t already got can be developed through the right training.

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