Subliminal Audio Recordings

by Paul Leonard

I'm currently working with a coaching organization creating custom and generalized subliminal audio recordings for their clients.

I'm looking for feedback from coaches that have used them personally or with clients or would like to. Do you think they are effective and would you use them with your clients?

I am grateful for your time, opinion or feedback.


Paul Leonard

Louise's Answer:-

Hi Paul.

Thank you for our question about using subliminal audio recordings in coaching.

For those unfamiliar with subliminal recordings, ‘subliminal’ refers to something that resides in your subconscious, the part of the mind that controls the life that exists just below the conscious mind. It is believed by many that in order to make permanent changes in your life you should reach the subconscious part of the mind.

Subliminal recordings therefore are audio recordings which are intended to reach the subconscious and have been developed to boost mental attitudes and improve performance. They provide positive messages specific to a particular goal, and the brain at the subconscious level receives these positive instructions in order to accelerate the process of achieving the goals of our conscious mind.

Neither I nor anyone in our team of coaches here has personal experience of using subliminal recordings. We tend to work with our clients’ conscious minds in raising their own awareness of their values, capabilities and resources, and helping them consciously understand their underlying beliefs which are so often the barriers to unleashing their full potential.

So unfortunately we can't add to your research but we too would like to hear from any coaches who have experience of using subliminal recordings in coaching so we can better understand their value. If you have experience in this filed then please use the comments link below to share your thoughts.

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