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If you're looking to find a US based life coach or business coach then you happened on the right page stop. You will find a number of links below that will give you access to a coach that meets your needs.

Many of you may feel more comfortable with face-to-face coaching but remember that telephone coaching can be just as effective. What is really important is to ensure that you have a really good rapport with your coach so that you get the best out of your sessions. If telephone coaching is the way you want to go then this will give you greater flexibility with your choice of coach just remember to be careful and remember the difference in time zone.

The links are below so see what you think.

Up All Night Coaching by Cathy Warschaw, CPC, ELI-MP in California

Dr. Caron Goode NCC runs the Academy for Coaching Parents International in Fort Worth, Texas.

Molly Gordon - Certified business coach dedicated to helping artists and professionals available in the greater Seattle area and internationally.

Life, Executive and Business Coaching, Become a Coach - Discover the power of coaching, for yourself, or as a career.

Mindful Life Coaching - Brook Montagna delivers success on your own terms.

Life Coach - Bill Baren is a world-class executive, small business and personal life coach who offers professional coaching and consulting services.

Jason Evans Life Coach - based in Phoenix Arizona

Don Martinez - an author, speaker, master certified coach, master NLP practitioner, and trainer

Mike Alpert FocalPoint Coaching - Specializing in business coaching based in Orange County, California.

Crystal Armstead - From Sidney, Montana helps single moms find meaning and understanding in their past relationships.

Domar Coaching Academy - Operated by Don Martinez

Gro Mambo - Philadelphia, PA.

Enlightened Leadership - Senior Executive Life Coaching with Teresa Ann Foxworthy

BurnBright Lifeworks - specializing in a unique form of coaching called Purpose Planning.

Empowered Life - Recognize and get rid of toxic relationships. Based In Oregon.

The Advantage Coaching Network - Business and Executive Coaching in Los Angeles, CA.

Human Performance Technologies - Michael Schenker offers coaching and training for many aspects of new business start up.

Dorothy Wehunt - Dorothy is a Certified Life Coach, has a MS in psychology and is a NLP Master Practitioner. She is also trained in mediation.

Life Coaching For Personal Success by Norman Snead. Whether you're looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, Norman has it covered.

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